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     We were told by friends that we should sell the BBQ sauce that we put on ribs, wings, etc.  So, one day we decided we would!  And now it's the wildest ride we can imagine.  We decided to blend our sauce with the award winning Conviction Bourbon that we love to drink and see how it turned out.  Well, it was amazing! 

     We thought it would be cool to put it in an actual Bourbon bottle just like Conviction, so we did.  And since it was blended with the best Bourbon in the world, in a Bourbon bottle and it wasn't a traditional BBQ sauce, we chose a name that would be unique and best describe our sauce.  And so, Meat Liquor was born!  It's a Honey Chipotle Bourbon blended sauce with endless potential. 

     With the perfect balance of sweet and heat, it adds excitement to your favorite meal.  We are blessed that so many folks have supported us through this journey.  


     It's crazy that a school teacher and a retired fire fighter from North Carolina could make a sauce that so many people love to eat!  Angel's Share BBQ, L.L.C. was my wife's answer to folks that said we needed to sell the sauce.  I told her if she would start a company, I'd make the sauce.  She formed the company and informed me that I needed to get to making sauce.  Turns out, it's not that easy.  You have to get testing, letters of process, take classes, get supplies and ingredients and then you can make it.  Which I did and our journey began....

     She says we have the perfect working relationship.  I make the sauce, bottled it, label it, box it and get it ready for distribution.  When we sell it, she gets the check.  Perfect.  

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